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What is www.oldphotosofcyprus.com?

This website is a place for anyone to share their photos taken on the wonderful island of Cyprus from years gone by.

www.oldphosofcyprus.com has been created because of our fascination of seeing how things used to be. There must be thousands of old photos of Cyprus hidden away in attics and closets. With this website we hope to bring them into the 21st century for everyone to enjoy.

Cyprus has changed dramatically over the years with increased tourism, industry and international business. Whilst at the same time there are many sights which have hardly been changed by history.

We also have a "now and then" section which shows places as they are now with how they were then.

After you have registered you can upload your old photos of Cyprus. Your original photo is archived in our database and visitors to the website can view 'previews' of the photos on screen. You will be able to view your orignal full-size photo when you are logged in and in the future we hope to offer the facility for people to order high quality prints of the photos. If someone orders a print of a photo you uploaded, you will receive a royalty payment.

If you have old photos of Cyprus, but do not have the facility to scan them into your computer, we will soon be offering a free photo and negative scanning service.

Learn more about Cyprus

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- Lonely Planet guide to Cyprus

- Cyprus Government website

- Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO)

more links coming soon!

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